HD Brows vs Hi Brows

So since I blogged last time, I have now done my HD Browscourse. I was recently trained with Hi Brows and did wonder by training in HD, was I wasting my time and money and surely it is just the same thing. How wrong I was…

I trained in Hi Brows over 2 years ago, I went to London, it was one day and the kit was included. The training was ok but one thing that gave me alarm bells was we were not patch tested beforehand and we were practising on each other. Also a friend of mine trained with me who had no NVQ qualification, but was expected to just tint (had never done it before). I returned back to my salon  The Ezina Sanctuary notfeeling that confident but thought well practice makes perfect! Hmm!

I had always wanted to do HD but unfortunately my funds didn’t stretch that far! So finally 2015 saw me save those funds and fulfil my goal.

Firstly the lead up to the course was very informative, and a patch test was sent to me . I was super excited the day before so went to bed early! Set off early in the morning to the training centre at Milton Keynes. On arrival I was greeted with smiles and lots of welcomes and breakfast, YUM! The course took place over 2 days, lunch, drinks were offered throughout the day and I was amazed we were practically on a one to one basis! We were all asked if patch tests had been completed and what level of training had we had: NVQ2?/NVQ3 etc… All the trainers were in uniform and well presented. The centre was lush also.

So not divulging too much information, did I come away feeling confident, absolutely yes! There is also a Facebook group where we can ask for help/advice and in 3 to 6 months I have to go back for a refresher day to make sure I am ok with everything. After my training I look at brows in a totally different light and am as obsessed now with people’s brows as I am nails! Lol 

So my question is was it worth it? Absolutely and most definite yes! I now cannot wait  to get my hands on everyone’s brows! 

Below is my 3rd set of HD Brows since training, what do you think?  



A lot has happened in over a year…

Well sincere apologies for not being around lately, it’s been over a year since my last blog and wow so much has happened so let’s rewind …

Starting in October 2014 I finally took the plunge, moved out of my home salon and opened a salon in Witney underneath Pirate Fitness Gym just off Bridge Street. It is very accessible, loads of free parking with a friendly atmosphere. I had an opening night which was a great success and have built up a lovely new clientele base.

December 2014 was absolutely manic crazy, probably the busiest I have ever had,   CND launched a new shellac collection The Flora & Fauna Collection getting ready to go into spring.

Also in December I introduced Perfect Match by Le Chat, what an amazing gel find. The colour choice is phenomenal and the lasting wear undurable. I now nearly have their entire collection, just waiting for the Christmas 2015 to arrive, lush!

In April I attended The Event by Sweet Squared where we saw the launch of the new CND Uv lamp and new CND Express top coat, the express top coat soaks off in 5 mins as opposed to the old one in 10 minutes, meaning firstly saving your client time in their busy schedule and secondly clients with dry skin or nails not being exposed to CND remover for quite as much time. We were also introduced to CND Rescue RXx, a truly marvellous product for people with very poor nails. If you are struggling to grow your natural nails this is truly a miracle in a bottle (I will blog about this at a later date) but if you are interested in this treatment please contact via my website for more information www.ezina.co.uk

Summer 2015 well that was just crazy, I didn’t stop all summer turning people away on a frequent basis bringing me to the conclusion I really needed some help. So I took the plunge and took on my first therapist. Sarah Jayne is trained to NVQ 2 level and was very keen to learn CND shellac so she went on her trainng in September and started with me part time in October, so far she is doing an excellent job, you can always visit the website for any special offers she might be running.

So now for my most exciting news, I will be introducing two new treatments at the end of November 2015, first up is Bio Sculpture. As much as I love Cnd Shellac and Perfect Match, I found it still didn’t suit everybody, and I needed something a bit harder wearing for those hairdressers , cleaners those real hands on people. Someone recommended Bio so I visited their stand at Olympia and booked onto a training class. The product looks amazing and again the colour choice is unbelievable, uh oh my bank balance is not going to like this!

Second up is HD Brows, yes at last, I have wanted to train with Nouveau in HD Brows since I started this business and have finally gone for it. I cannot wait, the beauty industry is as much about brows now as it is nails, don’t know if you have noticed but all contestants and judges on the Xfactor are having HD Brows done by Nilam Patel,she is doing a great job.

Anyway I think I have gone on for long enough now, so I will sign off and hopefully won’t wait for another 18months till my next blog. I have actually forgotten to mention the IBX phenomenon but that will be another blog… Watch this space!

Cnd Paradise Collection

Well CND have certainly pulled out all the stops this year and launched an amazing range of summer colours, summer 2014 is going to be fun and vibrant at The Ezina Sanctuary using both Shellac and Vinylux on hands or feet.

The CND Paradise Collection has 6 colours to choose from available in both Shellac and Vinylux:

Bicycle Yellow
Electric Orange
Sultry Sunset
Lush Tropics
Cerulean Sea
Tango Passion

And not forgetting the beautiful additives to go with them.

Please see just some amazing designs to choose from.



New CND Shellac Open Road Colours For Spring 2014

The Open Road CND Shellac collection has just arrived at The Ezina Sanctuary in Witney. Although they were officially launched beginning of December 2013, I didn’t really feel the need to get them in till now. As we got closer to Christmas, all my clients were so preoccupied with what glitter rock star nails they were going to have, I thought I would save these beautiful soft bright colours till January, when we are feeling low, depressed and deflated to brighten our moods, allowing us to look forward to spring.

There are 6 Colours, se below for swatches:
Clay Canyon – a nude-beige clay colour
Desert Poppy – cream orange coral with a hint of shimmer
Mint Convertible – pale ‘mint choc chip’ pastel green
Powder My Nose – a new nude, the perfect foundation colour
Sage Scarf – a neutral sage green
Sun Bleached – a heavenly pale pastel yellow



Why you should NOT pull CND Shellac Off your nails!

I have now been running The Ezina Sanctuary for over two years in Witney in Oxfordshire, and my business has grown from strength to strength. Most of my success is not only down to me but also my products, CND shellac being one of them. Over the years I have seen great success stories with shellac and how it has helped people grow beautifully long strong nails. In fairness shellac is not for everyone and unfortunately some people have not got on with it as well as others.
Take one of my clients Mrs R, she did come to me with lovely long nails but they were quite brittle and she told me that when they did break they would break very low down which not only didn’t look good but also was painful at times. Anyway she had CND Shellac applied by myself ( a certified CND Shellac provider), I went through all her aftercare with her, so to wear gloves when cleaning, washing up, or gardening, to put on her solar oil on a regular basis, be aware of some sun tan creams and chlorine in pools, etc… But MOST IMPORTANTLY she must NOT, NOT, NOT, pick her shellac off. Even if it chips or if it lifts just to remove the loose part but to not peel it all off. “Why? ” she asked me. So I explained: Shellac is adhered to the nail plate, the nail plate is made up with many many layers of cells and by peeling the shellac off you will remove various nail plate layers (see picture below).

This then causes damage to nail plate, which not only weakens the nail plate causing it to peel and break, but it will also interfere with any future shellac services I do. The nail plate will peel and lift shellac up causing chipping.

Anyway she listened to my advice and now 18 months later she has beautiful long nails which not only are strong and healthy but who has a shellac treatment every 6 (yes that’s correct) 6 weeks!!!!!

So the conclusion is if you pick your shellac off firstly and subsequent shellac services will not last, secondly it will damage your nails which takes months to repair!

See her before and afters below:




Always wanted a Face Lift but cannot afford one? Then there was Faith!

Until recently I was very happy with the skin I was in! But with the big 40 approaching fast I have started noticing the fine lines, the wrinkles and the saggy bits! Since starting out in the beauty industry I have always been very interested in how to slow down ageing signs but in the most natural way. So no going under the knife and no Botox injections. When studying at college my most enjoyable topic was facial, how the skin worked and what we can do on a regular basis to aid ageing.

I then came across Faith, a non invasive, non surgical, relaxing face lift and at an affordable price for consumers, especially at a time when money is so tight…

So what is Faith? Well it claims to be:

“a non surgical facelift system that gives dramatic results your clients will love even after just one treatment”

“Faith Lift non-surgical facelift gives dramatic results in an instant, it lifts, tones and firms leaving the complexion refined and radiant giving you a younger fresher look”

And recently has been a hit with Sienna Miller!

So I had to give it a try and pop along and visit me at The Ezina Sanctuary. The treatment is very relaxing for the client, it starts with a double cleanse, tone and a deep exfoliation, the Faith Lift mask is then applied and left for 30 minutes while your client is wrapped up warm and relaxing with calming music playing. At this point I do incorporate a hand massage and foot massage. Bliss! After 30 minutes the mask is removed with hot flannels and Faith cream, eye cream and lip cream is then applied. See a models resu

Results can be seen after the first treatment however it is recommended that a course of treatments are booked, 5 in total, 2 in the first week, then 1 a week for 3 weeks. After that it is advisable you have one facial a month to top up.

Faith Lift is an easy-to-use mask that works to gently stimulate circulation and increase blood supply to help restore the skin”s muscle tone and elasticity. It leaves the face looking and feeling firmer with a fresher, brighter and more youthful complexion.



LVL lashes

LVL lashes created by nouveau have recently arrived to The Ezina Sanctuary beauty salon in Witney. What are LVL Lashes you might ask. Well the treatment involves lifting, volumising and lengthening your own lashes without the need for eyelash extensions. The effect lasts from 6-8 weeks and is relaxing and non damaging tithe natural eyelash. They are low maintenance and there is no frizz unlike eyelash perming. You don’t need to wear mascara but can emphasise them further if needed.
See before and afters below:


New Shellac Colours Autumn 2012

Yes at last they have arrived at The Ezina Sanctuary, the new shellacCND colours for 2012, plus the two limited edition for Christmas.

Midnight swim – a beautiful navy shimmer
Pretty Poison – a stunning emerald green shimmer
Faux Fur – dark chocolate brown
Vexed Violet – a lush dark purple/violet
Overtly Onyx – graphite grey amazing
Sugared Spice – a bronze shimmer

Ruby Ritz – a deep red sparkle
Tinsel Toast – a golden sparkle

Gorgeous colours which when layered will give endless colours!



Well I cannot believe summer is nearly over and such a shame as the CND Additives have just arrived at The Ezina Sanctuary in Witney. There are 12 amazing pigments, effects transforming all the CNDCND Shellac colours into something magical! There are so many options now that it is taking my clients 10-15 mins to choose what they want!

Never mind there is still Christmas, there will be some magical nail designs taking place what with all those Christmas parties! And don’t forget X-factor, last year Kelly Rowland wore Shellac for most of the series, I wonder if Tulisa or Nicole will be sporting a new design…

Coming out in November there are also 6 new colours of CND Shellac so literally the world is your oyster or should I say nail designs is your oyster!





To all Shellac customers – make sure you are getting Shellac and not another brand!

I felt I had to write this as I have now had two of my clients come to me saying they got Shellac done elsewhere but on receiving the treatment said the bottles were not Shellac even though they were advertising the service Shellac.

I will tell you about my most recent experience.  One of my ladies who comes to me regularly for a shellac pedicure every 4-6 weeks visited me a couple of weeks ago, she ony has a pedicure as she is in the medical industry and sadly is not allowed to wear Shellac on her fingers. (I have done it on her on one occasion when she was going on holiday). So she does know all about Shellac and gets on very well with it.

Anyway the other weekend a friend of hers said her sister was practising with Shellac and would she be a model to practise on, my client said no problem she was having some time off so it would be fine to have it on her fingers. This took place on the Saturday, anyway along my client went and as this other person went through the process my client realised this was not Shellac being used, her nails were buffed to take off the shine, the UV lamp was on continuously, the colour didnt even represent any CND Shellac colour!! She didnt want to say anything, after all it was for free so she just went along with it and left it at that.

My client was then coming to me on the following Wednesday (4 days later) for her SHellac pedicure. Anyway we got chatting and she was telling me about how she was lead to believe it was Shellac treatment she was getting but realised by the look of the lamp and bottles that it wasnt but had gone along with it anyway as she felt too awkward to say anything. She showed me her fingers and she asked me if i could remove it as every finger had chipped and one had come off completely removing some of her nail plate with it and causing peeling on the nail plate. I gladly said I would remove it after her pedicure.

I finished her pedicure and consequently wrapped her nails in magis wraps and acetone (dsolve) to remove the unknown brand of Shellac copy. Well all I can say is one hour later, after having wrapped her fingers 5 times in foil and acetone I revealed her very dry, dehydrated, peeling nails. I smothered them in solar oil and cuticle eraser and gave her some CND hand cream.  I said to her if she didnt know me and if she hadnt had first hand experience of the REAL shellac, how would she rate it. She said if she had only had the other treatment, (the not real thing) she would have never had it again and wouldnt have recommended it to anyone.

So here is my advice:

to all customers out there when having a shellac manicure, check all the bottles are branded “CND Shellac”, secondly make sure the lamp is CND, the curing of the shellac under the lamp is very important and will determine how long it lasts, and thirdly check the salon or beauty therapist has a shellac certificate (see photo). Beauty salons/therapists are selling Shellac as a concept using other products and not as a BRAND.

People think they are getting Shellac but they are in fact NOT, they are getting a cheaper brand and then experiencing problems such as peeling and chipping giving Shellac a bad name and putting people off having it done again. To all of those who have experienced this, go to a certified salon, go on to the CND website, they list these and try it again, I can promise you, you will not be disappointed.