The Importance of Removing Your Shellac Correctly

I run my own salon from home in Witney, my salon is called The Ezina Sanctuary and I specialise in nails mostly, CND Shellac being one of my most popular services. I am been professionally trained by CND to apply and remove Shellac and I cannot express more the importance on the removal of Shellac. CND have produced a retail kit that can be bought by my clients allowing them to remove their own Shellac at home, using, the CND wraps, and acetone, there isĀ also a mini solar oil and orange wood included. All of my first time clients for Shellac are given an aftercare sheet which explains the importance of correct Shellac removal. Clients must NOT peel their Shellac off, even if it has chipped and looks ugly. By peeling off the Shellac, peels off layers of the nail plate, causing future damage to the nail plate such as peeling and splitting. When a nail starts peeling any future Shellac application is at risk of not lasting the 14 days. Regular solar oil applied twice a day is an absolute must also, conditioning both the nail and the cuticle. Following these simple procedures can leave you with beautiful, manicured nails!!