A lot has happened in over a year…

Well sincere apologies for not being around lately, it’s been over a year since my last blog and wow so much has happened so let’s rewind …

Starting in October 2014 I finally took the plunge, moved out of my home salon and opened a salon in Witney underneath Pirate Fitness Gym just off Bridge Street. It is very accessible, loads of free parking with a friendly atmosphere. I had an opening night which was a great success and have built up a lovely new clientele base.

December 2014 was absolutely manic crazy, probably the busiest I have ever had,   CND launched a new shellac collection The Flora & Fauna Collection getting ready to go into spring.

Also in December I introduced Perfect Match by Le Chat, what an amazing gel find. The colour choice is phenomenal and the lasting wear undurable. I now nearly have their entire collection, just waiting for the Christmas 2015 to arrive, lush!

In April I attended The Event by Sweet Squared where we saw the launch of the new CND Uv lamp and new CND Express top coat, the express top coat soaks off in 5 mins as opposed to the old one in 10 minutes, meaning firstly saving your client time in their busy schedule and secondly clients with dry skin or nails not being exposed to CND remover for quite as much time. We were also introduced to CND Rescue RXx, a truly marvellous product for people with very poor nails. If you are struggling to grow your natural nails this is truly a miracle in a bottle (I will blog about this at a later date) but if you are interested in this treatment please contact via my website for more information www.ezina.co.uk

Summer 2015 well that was just crazy, I didn’t stop all summer turning people away on a frequent basis bringing me to the conclusion I really needed some help. So I took the plunge and took on my first therapist. Sarah Jayne is trained to NVQ 2 level and was very keen to learn CND shellac so she went on her trainng in September and started with me part time in October, so far she is doing an excellent job, you can always visit the website for any special offers she might be running.

So now for my most exciting news, I will be introducing two new treatments at the end of November 2015, first up is Bio Sculpture. As much as I love Cnd Shellac and Perfect Match, I found it still didn’t suit everybody, and I needed something a bit harder wearing for those hairdressers , cleaners those real hands on people. Someone recommended Bio so I visited their stand at Olympia and booked onto a training class. The product looks amazing and again the colour choice is unbelievable, uh oh my bank balance is not going to like this!

Second up is HD Brows, yes at last, I have wanted to train with Nouveau in HD Brows since I started this business and have finally gone for it. I cannot wait, the beauty industry is as much about brows now as it is nails, don’t know if you have noticed but all contestants and judges on the Xfactor are having HD Brows done by Nilam Patel,she is doing a great job.

Anyway I think I have gone on for long enough now, so I will sign off and hopefully won’t wait for another 18months till my next blog. I have actually forgotten to mention the IBX phenomenon but that will be another blog… Watch this space!


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