HD Brows vs Hi Brows

So since I blogged last time, I have now done my HD Browscourse. I was recently trained with Hi Brows and did wonder by training in HD, was I wasting my time and money and surely it is just the same thing. How wrong I was…

I trained in Hi Brows over 2 years ago, I went to London, it was one day and the kit was included. The training was ok but one thing that gave me alarm bells was we were not patch tested beforehand and we were practising on each other. Also a friend of mine trained with me who had no NVQ qualification, but was expected to just tint (had never done it before). I returned back to my salon  The Ezina Sanctuary notfeeling that confident but thought well practice makes perfect! Hmm!

I had always wanted to do HD but unfortunately my funds didn’t stretch that far! So finally 2015 saw me save those funds and fulfil my goal.

Firstly the lead up to the course was very informative, and a patch test was sent to me . I was super excited the day before so went to bed early! Set off early in the morning to the training centre at Milton Keynes. On arrival I was greeted with smiles and lots of welcomes and breakfast, YUM! The course took place over 2 days, lunch, drinks were offered throughout the day and I was amazed we were practically on a one to one basis! We were all asked if patch tests had been completed and what level of training had we had: NVQ2?/NVQ3 etc… All the trainers were in uniform and well presented. The centre was lush also.

So not divulging too much information, did I come away feeling confident, absolutely yes! There is also a Facebook group where we can ask for help/advice and in 3 to 6 months I have to go back for a refresher day to make sure I am ok with everything. After my training I look at brows in a totally different light and am as obsessed now with people’s brows as I am nails! Lol 

So my question is was it worth it? Absolutely and most definite yes! I now cannot wait  to get my hands on everyone’s brows! 

Below is my 3rd set of HD Brows since training, what do you think?