Why you should NOT pull CND Shellac Off your nails!

I have now been running The Ezina Sanctuary for over two years in Witney in Oxfordshire, and my business has grown from strength to strength. Most of my success is not only down to me but also my products, CND shellac being one of them. Over the years I have seen great success stories with shellac and how it has helped people grow beautifully long strong nails. In fairness shellac is not for everyone and unfortunately some people have not got on with it as well as others.
Take one of my clients Mrs R, she did come to me with lovely long nails but they were quite brittle and she told me that when they did break they would break very low down which not only didn’t look good but also was painful at times. Anyway she had CND Shellac applied by myself ( a certified CND Shellac provider), I went through all her aftercare with her, so to wear gloves when cleaning, washing up, or gardening, to put on her solar oil on a regular basis, be aware of some sun tan creams and chlorine in pools, etc… But MOST IMPORTANTLY she must NOT, NOT, NOT, pick her shellac off. Even if it chips or if it lifts just to remove the loose part but to not peel it all off. “Why? ” she asked me. So I explained: Shellac is adhered to the nail plate, the nail plate is made up with many many layers of cells and by peeling the shellac off you will remove various nail plate layers (see picture below).

This then causes damage to nail plate, which not only weakens the nail plate causing it to peel and break, but it will also interfere with any future shellac services I do. The nail plate will peel and lift shellac up causing chipping.

Anyway she listened to my advice and now 18 months later she has beautiful long nails which not only are strong and healthy but who has a shellac treatment every 6 (yes that’s correct) 6 weeks!!!!!

So the conclusion is if you pick your shellac off firstly and subsequent shellac services will not last, secondly it will damage your nails which takes months to repair!

See her before and afters below: